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Minneapolis, MN. U.S.A.

Every Revel Custom pickup is made by me, by hand, one at a time from the finest materials available. Each pickup is a careful creation with tireless attention paid to every aspect. I don’t want you to like your Revel Custom pickup, I want you to love it, and our Revel Pickups Return and Exchange Policy is my promise that you will.



Revel Custom Pickups Vintage '72 Wide Range Humbucker

Vintage ’72 Wide Range Humbucker

Back in 1999 I played a ’75 tele deluxe at Guitar Center. but I walked out without it.

Fast forward to today. After playing these Revel Vintage ’72 pickups for close to a year now, I can say that they are my favorites. They’re without a doubt the most lively and rich humbuckers I’ve played and have made my tele a fantastically versatile instrument. I no longer regret leaving behind that tele all those years ago. I have the perfect deluxe. Get these. You will not be disappointed.


Jonathan Simms (verified owner) 7/22/21
Revel Reissue Wide Range Humbucker Modification


I was familiar with the sound of the reissues and knew pretty immediately that I wasn’t interested. So I got my hands on a set and sent them right over. Frankly, the neck pickup is perhaps the best pickup I’ve ever played. It sounds so sweet and present; Baffling, like being in love. I have mine hooked up to a series/parallel switch and there’s just a sound in there for everything.
Raz. R. (verified owner) 6.21.21
Revel Satin Bobbins

Revel Post Modern P.A.F.

I’ve had Gibson Dirty Fingers, Burstbuckers and a few of the hotter Seymour Duncan pickups, including the Pearly Gates and I can say without a doubt that Revel pickups have more character, more unique tone and a crisper bite. Definitely the best pick ups I’ve ever had. Also, Jesse is great to work with and helps figure out everything you’re looking for in tone and looks.

Tom (verified owner) 6.18.21
Revel Custom Pickups Vintage '72 Wide Range Humbucker

Vintage ’72 Wide Range Humbucker

I am big fan of fender guitars, so replacing reissues for more vintage correct pickup was first (and maybe last) thing to do. The pickup is perfectly balanced in matter of clarity and warmth, it has the best from both worlds (singles and humbuckers). Although there was a delayed shipping (due to covid), it was worth waiting! Great pickup. I also have to thank to Jesse for his kind and personal support. Thank you !

Jan Dobiášovský - Czech Republic (verified owner)
Revel Split Coil Steel Pole Mojo

Mojo Steel Poles

I was looking for some p-90 like pickups and decided on purchasing the Mojo 43 and finalized my decision on the fantastic customer service. I emailed a question in on Christmas Eve and got a response that night! Along with that and the amazing sound samples I decided to give these a shot. The quick turnaround, amazing build quality, and fantastic sound are 100% worth more than 5 stars!
Jon Atterberry (verified owner)
Revel Jazzmaster Humbucker

Revel Vintage Jazzmaster Pickups

I ordered a Revel Vintage Jazzmaster bridge pickup to replace the stock pickup in my J Mascis Jazzmaster. The pickup was exactly what I needed. It definitely has the tonal qualities of a vintage Jazzmaster pickup and blends well with the stock neck pickup when in the middle position. I’d also like to add that I received great customer service from the Revel crew as well.

Casey Virock – Porcupine (verified owner)
Very Early Lap Steel Pickup


Jesse at Revel Custom Pickups does outstanding work. As a guitar tech, it’s great to have a local pickup winder with his level of knowledge available. It’s never easy to tell a customer their pickup is dead, but I know just the guy to fix it, and at a reasonable price. I’m happy to refer customers to Revel if they’re looking to match a pickup with vintage specs, or if they want something custom wound. I also love them in my own builds!

Andy Webber – Whalehazard Guitars
Revel Scoundrel Strat Pickups

The Scoundrels

The best set of Strat pickups I have EVER played!

Eric Mitchell (verified owner)
Revel Custom Pickups P90

Revel P-90

I ordered this p-90 wound to ’59 Jr. specs for a custom build my friend was doing for me. It’s everything I dreamed it would be. I also own a ’61 Gibson LP Jr. and the Revel pickup sounds just as good. I’m blown away. Well done.
Rich Yarges (verified owner)
Revel Non 'Tron Gold Foil


It sounds amazing on my vintage Gibson 1963 archtop! I am seriously blown away. No noise and any bloody stuff. Just a pure tone of the guitar. The pickup really reproduces the mid-forward vibe of the guitar and I can hear it from the amp and recordings. Bravo!

Max - Moscow (verified owner)
Revel Jazzmaster Pickups In Customer Guitar


I never cared for the traditional single coil pup in the bridge position of my Jazzmaster. I tried to swap it with a Wide Range, which was a little better, but still lacked that PAF tone I was looking for. I found Revel, spoke with Jesse about what I was looking for and took his recommendation purchasing a Post Modern PAF fully wound. The results are fantastic. Very articulate, but it has the kind of compressed thickness you look for in a PAF. Highly recommended on my part.

Frank Garay (verified owner)
Revel Jazzmaster Wide Range Humbuckers In Customer Guitar


You want great sounding pickups, this is the man. I ordered a set of these pickups, put them in my Jazzmaster, and ding! I heard the sound that was in my head come through my amp. I have guitar plans for the future and this is my go to man. ’72 reissue telecaster here I come. “YOU THE MAN” Jesse!

David Wolfe (verified owner)
Revel Custom Pickups Midnight Rider P.A.F.

Midnight Rider

Couldn’t be happier with the Midnight Rider PAF. It’s hard to find a neck position humbucker that sounds great on it’s own, yet blends with and doesn’t make the bridge pickup too bright. You know what I’m talking about! Can’t say enough good about it, Great!

Chris R Johnson (verified owner)
Revel Custom Pickups Wee Range Humbuckers

Wee Range Humbuckers

I am loving these pups in my tele (the brown one was mine but now these are in a different body). They sound Wide Range territory to me–crunchy slightly compressed HB sound with more single coil “openness” clarity and chime. If I had a one-pickup guitar, I think I’d be satisfied with one of these on the bridge.
They do sound very cool split, very fun with various effects (reverb, vibrato).
And finally, Jesse is the man. So gracious and clearly committed to the customer’s goals and satisfaction. He even helped me sort out my wiring issues- due to my poor soldering skills and electrical knowledge. I hope to work with him again

Evan Amo (verified owner)

Post Modern P.A.F.

I’ve tried every humbucker there is to try. These are IT! Thanks, Jesse. These are what I actually wanted for Christmas.

Michael (verified owner)
Revel Scoop Deville Strat Pickups

Scoop DeVille

I bought a set of Scoop Devilles years ago when Revel offered them as a custom wind. I told them I wanted John Mayer pickups/dippers but didn’t want to spend four bills on a loaded pickguard. I was worried I wouldn’t be getting the same thing without the F****r name on it but the Scoops I have from Revel are as good as they get. My band-mate has a set of Big Dippers in his signature strat and he likes the Revel pickups better. They’re super clear and dynamic but never harsh. Really beautiful.

Jamie Johnson (verified owner)
Revel Vintage '50 Strat Pickups

Vintage 50’s

These pickups are amazing! The tone is harmonically rich and chimey without being harsh. The clean sustain is incredible and the pick response is simply delightful. Gentle attack is rewarded with shimmering cleans and harder attack brings compression and chime.

Jesse helped me work through his lineup by listening to my desired tone description and prescribing different options that would meet some of my complex criteria. I ended up going with the Vintage 50’s set and am more than satisfied for the reasons described above. Thank you, Jesse!

My set has an overwound bridge with a plate underneath to help with the ice pick.

Curtis McKusick (verified owner)

Black Watch

I was building a guitar and wanted Jesse to be “the pickup guy”.

So I bought a raw underwound ’72 Wide Range and a Black Watch from Revel. I also used Fender factory reliced parts to match the raw cover of the WR and a Gibson Bumble Bee capacitor (Sprague copy) just for vintage grins.

DUDENESS !!! You have no idea what that sounds like in this particular guitar. Lord Have Mercy. That’s amazing! I picked the right “pickup guy”. Keep up the excellent work!!! Just wanted you to know that I am extremely pleased. To get this tone I would have had to buy 2 vintage guitars.

Tom Frye (verified owner)