Humdinger Humbucker Sized Noiseless P-90

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It’s argued that the P-90 is the best pickup ever invented. It is certainly one of the best. The strongest argument to the contrary is that is can be loud. But how do you take a single coil pickup that sounds so good and transform it into a humbucker without stripping it of all the single coil sweetness that makes it amazing? It was a puzzle I could not solve for several years. The Revel Humdinger Noiseless P-90 is the result of several years of trying different combinations of coils of different wire types and sizes wound around countless custom bobbins utilizing a dozen different magnet sizes and grades. Being just in the ball park would never be good enough. The pickup had to be closer than anything that came before it or we just would not sell it.

With a wink and a nod to the styling of the P-13 pickup of old, the Revel Humdinger is a humbucker sized noiseless P-90 that preserves the finest qualities of its single coil ancestor. Enjoy the openness, airiness, articulation, honk and bottom end without the hum and without the sterility that often comes with noiseless versions of a popular pickup. Both the neck and the bridge handle gain staging extremely well and maintain note clarity even under heavy dirt. The middle position is a wonderful and airy combination of both pickups.

Amp: Revel 6v6 Plexi

3 reviews for Humdinger Humbucker Sized Noiseless P-90

  1. Stephen F.

    My Whalehazard came loaded with two of Jesse’s Midnight Rider humbuckers. I love them, but I decided to try swapping out the neck pickup for a P90 to get a little more clarity & definition while keeping a pretty fat tone. I took a chance on the humdinger noiseless version, but I was concerned the noiseless treatment would lose something of what I love about a P90.

    It didn’t. I couldn’t be happier. This is a great P90 in a humbucker shape and it’s miraculously noiseless but still brash, ballsy – with a bit tighter note definition and more brilliance on the low strings than the humbucker I had there before. I don’t know what secret sauce Jesse is using, but it works.

    This is a stunningly great pickup.

    Image #1 from Stephen F.
    Image #2 from Stephen F.
  2. James MacLeod

    Full disclaimer: Jesse gave me a Humdinger to try (I’m a local player in Minneapolis) which he agreed to trade for a “regular” P-90 if I didn’t like it. I LOVE it. And I paid full price for it. It’s every bit as P-90 as any I have heard, it’s totally noiseless, and the cover looks fantastic. It’s actually got a little something going on that a normal P-90 doesn’t which was an odd experience since P-90s are my favorite pickup.

  3. Jeff B.

    My original intention was simple. I wanted to brighten up a well-playing, but otherwise murky sounding, MIK Epiphone LP Ultra II. I just could not get a tone I liked from the stock pickups or the PAF clones I had tried. So, I came to Revel and ordered a set of V-90s. At the time, Jesse was just finishing up his noiseless P-90 offerings and asked me if I was interested in a noiseless set. Thankfully, I said yes.

    These pickups far exceeded any expectations I had, which were already high, as I have ordered from Revel before with great success. Not only do these “sound like” P-90s, they are P-90s in every sense but format. In fact, they are as sweet as any P-90 pickups I’ve heard or played.

    It’s easy to fall into routine and subjective superlatives when describing pickup sound and tone, so I will simply state that these are fantastic pickups. Just Incredible. They have completely transformed a humble but beloved Epiphone into an instrument that sounds as good, or better, as any in my arsenal. The full range of P-90 tone is there: all the bottom end you could want with solid mids and highs as clear as bells.

    Noiseless P-90’s in a humbucker form? Yes! They are here! And, as many have stated in other reviews, Jesse is great to work with. He really cares about his customers. He is two-parts Master craftsman and one part sorcerer, who also answers emails. If you are looking to upgrade a humbucker-laden diamond in the rough, or just want to add some P-90 tone without the hum, then you owe it to yourself to contact Jesse about these pickups.

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