about revel custom pickups

When I was ten I found a solid steel slug the size of a soda can in the old man’s garage. I stripped an extension cord down to the wire and wrapped it in a tight coil around the slug and then I wrapped the entire thing in electrical tape. I set this thing on an old, rusting, steel card table and I plugged the cord directly into the wall outlet. The electromagnet sucked the middle of the old, steel table, towards itself with a tremendous “clung” while the tape wrapped around it bubbled and melted away.

My name is Jesse and I’m the proprietor of Revel Custom Pickups located in South Minneapolis, MN. I’m a one-man shop specializing in hand-built and custom electric guitar pickups.

Every Revel pickup is made by me, by hand, one at a time from the finest materials available. Each pickup is a careful creation with tireless attention paid to every aspect. I don’t want you to like your Revel Custom pickups, I want you to love them.

I started Revel Custom Pickups in the fall of 2010 after many years of building guitars and pickups for myself and friends as a hobby. One day a friend told me that the humbuckers I had built for him were so good that I was stupid not to sell them. So I started selling them. Those humbuckers became the O.G. P.A.F.

My plan was to make boutique, hand-made, handwound, custom pickups available to other broke ass musicians like myself.  As a working musician I understood how difficult it can be to have the best. I still maintain this ideal as much as I am able.

After a medical cataclysm several years ago I stopped being a working musician and became a full time pickup winder and pickup designer. Nerve damage made it difficult to play like I used to and to play at all. That art is now funneled into Revel Pickups.  And I’m thrilled to make pickups for people which they love and that they use to make their music.

And I look forward to making pickups that you will love.