friends of revel custom pickups

A list of luthiers, techs, builders, and shops, all friends of Revel Custom Pickups with which we have and do work for, present and past, and to whom we owe endless thanks.

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Twin Town Guitars

Twin Town GuitarTwin Town Guitars is first and foremost a music store by and for musicians.

Founded in August 1997, and owned by Andrew and Carrie Bell, the vision for the shop is simple: Get it done honestly, quickly, correctly, and affordably. The staff is made up of musicians, who are in the studio and on the stage, who know how to play and what to expect, and who just plain want to help you make music.

KJ Audio

KJ AudioDown in the basement of Minneapolis’s Twin Town Guitars, a mad scientist named K.J. has been at work for 14 years. 



Nightjar Guitars

Nightjar GuitarsNightjar Guitars crafts custom electric guitars in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our mission is to connect people to each other and to the earth by responsibly creating instruments with a story to tell. We work with businesses and people who reclaim and salvage wood: from trees felled by disease or human development to architectural salvage like structural beams, barnwood, whiskey barrels, fireplace mantles, gymnasium floors, or bowling alleys. We load our builds with pickups made locally, by hand, by Jesse Revel at Revel Custom Pickups, and we always use old-world, environmentally-friendly techniques like French Polishing and pyrography. All this makes for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind guitar, crafted just for you. When you’re ready to tell your next story in sound, we’ll build you an instrument like no other.

El Diabo Amps & Guitars

El DiabloWe’ve travelled from NYC to LA in search of the finest, hand-built, heirloom quality amps and guitars, and selected our personal favorites to share with you! We offer a retail experience like no other—appointment-based service, private equipment auditions and week-long try-out periods. We look forward to helping you find your truest tone!

Whalehazard Guitars

Custom guitars and repairs. Every Whalehazard guitar is handcrafted with incredible attention to detail and meets exacting standards of quality.  Each instrument is built in South Minneapolis by Andy Webber.  As a one-man operation, great care will be taken to make sure your custom guitar will take your playing and sound to a new level.  All materials and components are carefully selected for quality and longevity.

Hewn Guitars

Hewn GuitarThere is a big difference between a hand built guitar and a factory made one. A Hewn guitar means one person executing every detail from start to finish. It is custom made from the finest materials and components to your specifications. The result is the exceptional quality, tone, and playability that you’d expect from a handcrafted instrument.

The Guitar Shop

The Guitar ShopThe Guitar Shop is a musical instrument store and concert venue in Rosemount, opened in 2012. We specialize in acoustic and folk instruments: guitars, ukuleles, banjos, mandolins. The showroom area will feature new and used guitars for the beginner to advanced guitar player. Experienced Guitar Repair done onsite. The Guitar Shop offers Guitar  and Piano Lessons with choices of full theory with reading music as well as a more casual learning by ear approach.

Tree Strings, LLC

Tree StringsMy name is Brian Stewart, my wife, Brenda and I are the owners of Tree Strings, LLC; the premier guitar shop here in Red Wing, Minnesota.  We do all manner of guitar repair, set-up, customization, and offer both tube and solid state amplifier repair. I have an A.A.S. degree in Electronic Music Technology from Minnesota State College Southeast and a degree in Guitar Repair and Building.  So, if your guitar has a crack, buzz, busted headstock, or any other ailment, stop in to The Red Wing guitar shop, Tree Strings!

Overman Lutherie

Overman LutherieInstrument repair services in St. Paul, MN. Degree from Red Wing.



Hendrickson Guitars

I’d like to invite you to click around the site a bit to get a fuller understanding of who I am and what I do, and to check out some of the talented bands, musicians, and songwriters I’ve had the privilege to support! Please be in touch if you or someone you know would like to enjoy their instrument at its very best — thanks, everybody!

McCloud Guitars

McCloud Guitars, designs, builds and finishes electric guitars for both the everyday player and professional musician.  We create our own, unique versions of guitars that have stood the test of time.  We always craft our instruments using the finest tone woods and components, to ensure that quality and reliability will never be an issue with your custom-built McCloud Guitar.

Abbott House Guitars

Superbly handcrafted electric guitars by Chad McCormack in North Berwick, Maine.


Bruni Guitars

Here at Bruni Guitars we lead. One way. Our way. Carefully. Patiently. And entirely by hand. It’s the only way we know. The Craftsmen at Bruni draw on decades of expertise and passion for all things guitar. We use only top shelf tone woods, cut and carved by hand. With rasps.  With chisels. Sharp things. Sweat.