Humdinger™ Humbucking Tele Bridge Pickup

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The Revel Humdinger humbucking Tele bridge pickup combines classic Telecaster single coil bridge pickup tone without the single coil hum. The Humdinger is NOT a stacked pickup and does not suffer from the sterility and blandness of a stack. The Humdinger is lively, touch sensitive, dynamic, and everything else that’s great about a single coil pickup without the noise.

Available in a Low Wind, ‘Sweet Spot’, and Black Watch winds.

The Low Wind is built with Alnico V magnets and is wound to 6.3k with 42 AWG plain enamel wire. It’s bright and twangy as featured in the videos, installed in a Baritone Tele and played through a Deluxe Reverb. This pickup was devised for baritone Teles and baritone builds where brightness, bite and clarity are paramount. The Low Wind Humdinger is also an ideal pickup for someone interested in the Bakersfield tone of the Revel Lucky Spot pickups or the early CBS Tele era tone which, likewise, is clear, bright, biting and percussive.

The Sweet Spot wind is built with Alnico V and wound with 42 AWG plain enamel wire to 7.1k and is a more balanced combination of clarity, twang, and fullness, like a humbucking Flat ’50. It can still get plenty bright and biting but gives more fullness and snap in the bass and a gets a bit more rowdy when used to push an amp.

The Black Watch wind is, like it’s single coil, Broadcaster spec’d brother, the Black Watch, built using Alnico III magnets and wound to 10.5k with 43 AWG plain enamel wire. It has the same throaty growl, fatness and tighter bass but, of course, without the hum.

The Revel Humdinger Black Watch wind.

The Revel Humdinger Sweet Spot wind.


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