The Big Six

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The Big Six is a humbucker sized true single coil pickup. It is, very simply, a Strat coil in custom clothing, wound to customer specs.

It is the best qualities of a hand-wound single coil in a custom, humbucker package. The Big Six provides beautiful single coil tone for your humbucker routed guitar.

The Big Six is always a custom creation but, stock, is built with Alnico V magnets and wound with 42 AWG Plain Enamel wire.

Neck: 5.7k, Bridge, 6.7k


5 reviews for The Big Six

  1. Jeremy

    I put this into my Fender Tele deluxe to get rid of the muddy stock pickup that came from the factory. I was blown away by the clarity and articulation of this thing. I ordered this as purely for the neck pickup which I typically never use ( mostly punk/indie music). I now alternate between the neck Big Six and the V90 in the bridge ( separate review for how awesome that pick up is as well). The output is full unlike typical single coils. It makes for beautiful cleans and sounds really great with my Orange amp and a little dirt on it. My biggest problem after buying this is now deciding what new Revel pickups I am going to put into my ES-335. Also, I cannot say enough about how easy it was to work with Jesse. He is super communicative and you can tell he really cares that you are happy with your purchase.

    Image #1 from Jeremy
  2. A.D.

    Put a couple of these into my boring old guitar with boring old pickups and damn, I’m thrilled. They sound great. I think I’ve turned the mix knob on all of my pedals down since I put these in (except my old analog delay, which I’ve always thought sounded a little too dark with longer decays, has never sounded more alive) because they really do just have a special, full-bodied, something all their own.

    Jesse was super helpful; I don’t remember what pickups I was looking at when I first reached out, but these are the ones I ended up with after a few emails back and forth.

    Image #1 from A.D.
  3. Al

    The Big Six, based on his Turks, that Jesse suggested after some communication, nailed the sound I was after. Warm, clear, and articulate. Saved me the cost, and hassle. of having a custom pickguard made for my MIJ tele.

    Image #1 from Al
  4. Brian Holloway

    Couldn’t be happier with my Big Six! Jesse was awesome to deal with and the pickup sounds stunning and looks fantastic too. Exactly what I was after.

    Image #1 from Brian Holloway
    Image #2 from Brian Holloway
  5. Phil

    Jesse is an absolute pro. He worked with me to get the exact tone I was looking for and exceeded all expectation. Anyone who knows Revel’s name knows the work is impeccable.

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