EB Bass Bridge Pickup

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Lead Time: 4 Weeks.


The Revel EB Bass Bridge Pickup was created as a custom build for a player wanting to approach a Jazz Bass tone with an SG Bass and replace a lifeless and non-sustaining bridge pickup with something that could liven up the guitar and pair better with a Mudbucker. The result was the Revel Eb Bridge. This is a humbucker of unique design using Neodymium magnets. It is clean and bright with excellent note clarity and sustain.

Solid covers, gold and silver foil are all available.


1 review for EB Bass Bridge Pickup

  1. Justin Herrmann

    Oh man I love this pickup. I’m someone that’s always been torn and love so many bass tones. I do love that old school thump, felt-but-not-heard sound, that the Gibson EB neck pickup so masterfully can capture, but adding this Revel pickup to the bridge has made my bass so much more versatile. It is clear, it is bright, it sustains, it cuts through the mix and shines. It feels like I have a whole new bass with the option to use this thing. I love it so much, and I’ve been gravitating toward using it alone frequently. And, by the way, that gold foil look is pretty dang cool looking.

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