Revel V-90 Humbucker Sized P-90

Current Lead Time As Of 12/21: 4 to 6 weeks

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Revel V-90 Humbucker Size P-90

The Revel V-90 is a true P-90 for your humbucker routed guitars offered in a variety of winds and magnet combinations.

The stock Revel V-90’s are wound with 43 AWG plain enamel wire around in-house cut, correctly sized bobbins, resulting in the same squat coils that are essential to the P-90 tone. Constructed utilizing a pair of custom length, sand cast and degaussed Alnico V magnets and period alloy correct screws. The tone is that unmistakable raw, barking, best mix of humbucker and single coil tone for which the P-90 is renowned and loved. The V-90 is touch sensitive, responds well to pick attack, and exhibits thick and grinding mids, tight lows and singing, blossoming highs. The stock Revel V-90 lends itself to a wide range of playing styles and work great for everything from jazz and blues to hard rock and metal.

The Revel V-90 is also available as our Jazz 90, Melancholia and Revel 90 P-90 builds or can be highly customized.

Contact us to customize yours!

Neck: 9.5k, Bridge: 10.5k


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A true humbucker sized P-90 in the late 50’s tradition of the LP Jr. and LP Special.

  • Fits Any Humbucker Routed Guitar

  • Correct P-90 Spec’d Bobbins

  • Adjustable Poles For String Balance Adjustment

  • Degaussed Alnico V
  • RW/RP When Ordered As A Set

  • What’s the difference between your Soapbar or Dogear Revel 90 P-90s and your V-90 humbucker sized P-90? Nothing. These two pickups are the same but for form factor.
  • I want something other than stock. How do I know which style of V-90 is right for me? Email and ask! We’ll talk about it and decide what’s best for you.
  • What is the string spacing of the V-90? Stock is 50mm. 52mm (for Fender or like wider bridge guitars) and 49.2mm available in OPEN COVER only upon request.


  • Guitar: LP
  • Amp: Brown Deluxe
  • Mic: e609


Corporate marketing hype has made it mostly necessary to include sound clips and resistance specifications. For that reason I feel that clips are misleading. Clips let you hear almost everything except the pickup and primarily the amp in a controlled environment that’s not readily reproducible. Please take these thoughts into consideration.

6 reviews for Revel V-90 Humbucker Sized P-90

  1. Christopher Crumbley

    I was looking for a pickup for a guitar repair for a customer and after about a month of talking to Jesse back and forth ordered a set of these for a 50s country gentleman copy. Full hollow body! No hum! no hiss! No awful feedback! just sweet sweet tone! The customer was very pleased! Thanks revel!

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  2. Mitchel

    I didn’t buy these directly from Revel. They were in a Classic Vibe Starcaster I bought from a friend as a Christmas present for myself. I really couldn’t believe how good these sounded, so much so that I emailed Revel to say so and offered to leave a review. These might be one of my favorite P90s and I own vintage P90s and Throbak’s.

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  3. Joshua

    The rating for these should go up to 11! Jesse is very easy to talk to and knows his craft. He delivered on exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be more happy. These pickups are the real deal.

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  4. Jeff Adams

    I told Jesse I wanted my LP to sound like an old LP Jr. and he built me a set of V-90’s. Perfect! I now use my one guitar for everything I was using 3 guitars for. These are so beautiful sounding. I’ve tried so many pickups and been left wanting. No more. Thank you!!

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  5. Jimmy Delight

    I didn’t buy these from Revel they came in a guitar I bought on craigslist. Have to leave a review because I’m blown away baby. It’s just in a cheapie Epi flat top LP but they make this guitar so f*****g good. Best $100 I ever spent.

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  6. Matt Krotzer

    From copper and magnets this sorcerer of tone creates pure, amazing, and customized tones! We conversed back and forth a lot to decipher what I was looking for and Jesse, suggested a humbucker-sized p90 that had a little something special to it. He was absolutely right. The pickup he customized for me had the a great mid-range that articulated each note clearly and gets real nasty, in a good way, when it is dirty. It is spanky, punchy, and everything you would expect out of a p90 pickup with something just a bit more special.

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