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The Bully Breed are, simply, bangers. They are a hot, vintage set wound to the capacity of a Strat bobbin. The bottom is heavy, the highs are warm, and the mids are discourteous. The Bully Breeds are more Gibson than Fender and, with a noticeably hotter ‘output’ than other Strat pickups, will push your amp and break it up. Less quack and more bark. Less chime and more grind. Still single coils and still hand-wound, these do not suffer from a lack of clarity, depth or complexity. They are the best of these vintage qualities delivered with a slap to the face.

The Bully Breed are built with fully charged Alnico V magnets and wound with 42 AWG Plain Enamel wire.

Bridge 7.6k, Middle 7k, Neck 6.7k

Built the old fashioned way.

  • Hand-beveled magnets
  • Hand-assembled bobbins
  • Lacquer dipped prior to winding
  • Vintage push-back wire leads

Revel Strat pickups are constructed true to vintage methods. There’s obviously something special about the best of these classic pickups and we feel it’s worth preserving. 

Every magnet is weighed for consistency and, if the pickup uses a beveled magnet, they are hand-beveled. The magnets are then individually pressed into the flat work and the assembly cleaned. The assembled bobbin is then dipped in lacquer and left to dry. This dipping bonds the magnets and flat work together and helps to protect the pickup for many years of use. 

The magnets are then wrapped with a special paper tape to further protect the assembly and assure its longevity. We build our pickups to last forever. Then the pickup is scatterwound/hand-wound with a particular wire of particular gauge chosen to produce the exact tone of the pickup in question. All of our Stratocaster replacement pickups are wound by hand. 

The leads are then attached and the resistance and inductance are measured and the pickup is potted in pure paraffin wax. This is the one slight difference between the vintage method and ours. Simple paraffin is better and so we use it exclusively. The pickups is then measured again and the coil wrapped in tape for further protection. Finally the pickup is put into a test guitar to qualify it. 

What is scatter winding?
What is scatter winding?

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  1. Zach Brummel

    “All I can say is… WOW!

    I have played pickups from other “high end boutique” builders, as well as the big names in the business, and Revel shines in comparison.”

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