Flat ’52 Tele Pickups

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The Flat ’52’s are wound with 42AWG in both the neck and bridge – an oddity from a short period of the early 50’s. The tone is distinct from either the Black Watch or Flat ’50 sets in that the bridge is bright, tight, has a snappy bass response and is very twangy with a neck that is very similar to a low wound Strat pickup.


  • Hand-assembled bobbins
  • Bonded assembly for durability
  • Lacquer dipped prior to winding/paper wrapped magnets
  • Hand Wound w/ 42 AWG Plain Enamel Coil Wire
  • Rope Wrapped Coil
  • Copper Clad Steel Base Plate
  • Vintage push-back wire leads
  • Wax Potted

1 review for Flat ’52 Tele Pickups

  1. Nick B

    Just installed one of these in the bridge position of my Tele and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’m a big Tele fan, but sometimes I find the bridge pickups to get a bit icy and unwieldy, especially with certain effects pedals. This pickup has that bright, twangy sound we all love, but retains control and has beautiful harmonics and color. The breakup with dirt is phenomenal and it pairs beautifully with an OG PAF in the neck position. Shout out to Jesse who also took the time to help me choose pickups and walk me through what would work best for my needs!

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