The Dogs

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The Dogs are an emulation of Gilmour’s Strat Pickups. The neck and middle are pickups true to the ’69 Black Strat and are, rightfully, taken from the Sweet ’69 set. The bridge pickup, however, is unique in that it is tapped with approximate resistances of 7.5k and 13k. The lower wound tap provides vintage Strat tones in the bridge and especially in the 2 and 4 position. The 13k tap gives you that thick and punchy Gilmour tone. The bridge pickup also includes a baseplate to raise the inductance and smooth out the highs at the tap.

If you need just the bridge pickup or the bridge pickup without the tap, you can have those, too.

The Dogs are built using Alnico V magnets and wound with a combination of 42 and 43 AWG Plain Enamel wire. They are available in a vintage and modern stagger or, if you have a flatter neck, no stagger. And, of course, all 3 pickups are handwound. Far from being a one trick pony (or retriever), The Dogs offer tremendous flexibility being founded upon our best selling Strat set, the Sweet 69’s. The tapped bridge only widens that flexibility. Whether you’re putting together a Black Strat, playing the blues, country, rock or pop, The Dogs will do you well. .

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  1. Sammy Ronkowsky

    This set is great. I bought it for the Black Strat I was building with my dad. The whole set is great and I am living on the neck pickup which is probably the best Strat pickup I have ever played or heard. But when I flip the switch on the bridge pickup it’s awesome. It’s like it sets the guitar on fire. Thanks Jesse!

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