Revel Mr. Mystery Humbuckers

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There may be nothing new under the sun but that doesn’t mean there are no mysteries. The Mr. Mystery is something different. The tone is bright with the heft of a humbucker, some of the bite of a P-90, some of the sting of a single coil, and string definition like nothing else. Even heavy fuzz can’t bury lead lines or infect with the dreaded mudbucker disease. The Mysteries have a wide open dynamic range that’s difficult to describe. The articulation is quizzical.

Maybe you need a thicker, heavier tone in your bridge. In which case you can order your Mr. Mystery bridge with an Alnico 8 magnet. The bridge is now fat and full of depth but still without getting muddy or losing dynamic range. The mids still lend a bark but they are in a different part of the EQ spectrum than where you expect them.

What you think you’re supposed to hear is never what you do, and therein lies the mystery.

  • Is the Mr. Mystery just 2 coils of wire and a magnet?  Yes!
  • Is the Mr. Mystery wound with 40 awg wire?  No.
  • Does the Mr. Mystery use a magnet I can buy?  No.


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