Jaguar K.J. Signature Set

LEAD TIME IS 4 TO 8 WEEKS. We're hustling!


The K.J. Signature Jaguar pickups were developed for Minneapolis’ guitar and amp tech, musician and recording engineer extraordinaire Kris Johnson who wanted a brash banger of a bridge pickup.

The K.J. is something of a specialist pickup. It does not go gently. It easily drives an amp and then drives it more. Yes, it can clean up nicely and deliver the sparkle when rolled back, but the K.J. is more for the player who wants something in-your-face. It delivers a heavier, meatier, grittier tone that still cuts. With a tone similar to a P-90/steel pole pickup without the slurry in the mids, the K.J. is a pugilist and a cutter.

Recorded through a 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue. Normal Channel. Tone controls both at 7.

Clean clip volume 4.

Dirty clip Volume 10.

Recorded with an AKG 414, no EQ, UA Apollo preamp


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