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Revel Retro P.A.F. Pickup

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The Revel Retro is a pure P.A.F. humbucker built to vintage, 50’s, specs. These are wound on our custom built winder, nicknamed “Kalamazoo,” which is modeled after Gibson’s winders of old. The knowledge of many years spent repairing original P.A.F.’s goes into each pickup and into the choice of every component. Wound with the finest plain enamel insulated 42awg wire, the tension and TPL are true. The baseplate, cover, screws, slugs and keeper bar alloys have been examined and reproduced. The bobbins are cloned from original butyrate bobbins. Vintage cloned Alnico 2 sand cast magnets, custom milled maple spacers cut in house, vintage correct braided two-conductor wire and threaded baseplates make the Revel Retro P.A.F., pound for pound, the best vintage correct humbucker you can buy.

Neck: 7.5k, Bridge: 8.0k


All of my pickups are built with the highest quality, U.S.A. manufactured, parts. But the Retro P.A,F. goes one step farther and is built with reproduction correct everything

  • Vintage/alloy correct baseplates
  • Vintage correct Butyrate bobbins
  • Vintage/alloy correct keepers
  • Vintage correct Maple spacers
  • Vintage/alloy correct covers

* 49.2mm spacing per the originals. Black and Cream bobbins or Double Black. 

* These are unpotted pickups. If you’d like them potted please make sure you request it!

Approximate outputs are Bridge: 8.0k/Neck: 7.5k

These are approximations only. Retro P.A,F.s are wound to a specific number of winds and precise resistance will vary for a variety of reasons.


What’s the difference between the Retro P.A.F. and other/standard humbuckers? The Retro P.A.F. is our attempt at reproducing a 50’s era P.A.F. pickup. These humbuckers are built on our custom P.A.F. winder which replicates the winding machines that Gibson originally used. The Retro P.A.F. is wound to the same turns per layer as an original P.A.F., a number only available to winders who have had access to enough of the original humbuckers to investigate them. They also use parts that are manufactured specifically to replicate the precise metallurgical properties of vintage P.A.F. baseplates, covers, screws, slugs and keepers.

The Retro P.A.F.’s also have fewer turns of coil wire than our other humbuckers and are wound with coil offsets particular to them. The magnet is weaker and that, in combination with the low turn count and specific TPL (turns per layer) make for a very clear, vintage and articulate voicing.

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  1. Chris Harden

    I’ve been wanting a true reproduction PAF for many years. I had been saving up for a set of Throbak’s but couldn’t bring myself to spend that amount of money on a humbucker, no matter how good. I’m not a rock star! So my friend Jeff has a set of humbuckers in his LP and they sound damn good. I asked what they were and he said “This guy I know makes pickups. Revel.” I emailed Jesse. I told him I heard a set of humbuckers he made and they sounded awesome and I wanted to try his Retro PAFs but because I never heard of him I was hesitant. He built and then sent me a set to “try” for free. Who does that?
    The Retro PAF is fucking amazing. That’s all I can say and that says it all. Fucking brilliant.

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  2. Mo G.

    Installed my new Retro PAF bridge pickup in my customized Telecaster. Wow, what a difference! It’s somehow still twangy,  but with huge balls, like a prize breeding bull from a Texas ranch. Through my Deluxe Reverb, it retains – and improves – that beautiful Fender clean tone (I play a lot of surf and country,  so that’s perfect), and with some dirt on it sounds like a fat Gibson (first thing I played was the Hotel California solo,  and it sounded better than it does on my actual Gibsons) – best of both worlds!

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