Bully Breed 90

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There is something undeniably special about a good P-90 and it is arguably one of the best electric guitar pickups every conceived. The Bully Breed is the best of a vintage P-90 woven with the modern, built for the rock n’ roll player that leans primarily towards harder rock, punk, progressive and modern rock. The Bully Breed is chunky, raw and grinding while retaining that coveted sweet and fat single-coil vintage voicing.

The Bully Breed is built and wound to stay together under heavy gain without getting mushy or losing clarity. These are also an ideal P-90 for a Jr. or like single bridge P-90 guitar that needs to rock.

Alnico V and 43 AWG produce slightly accentuated bass with balanced mids and highs. The tone is sweeter than a typical P-90 and the lows tighter.

Neck: 9.5k, Bridge: 10.5k

2 reviews for Bully Breed 90

  1. Justin Mcabe

    Jesse built me a single Bully for the bridge of my Jr.

    It is, no doubt about it, the best P-90 I have ever played. Thanks you Revel!

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  2. Mike

    If Jesse’s description of this pickup sounds like what you’re after, just buy it! You won’t be disappointed. Mine is in a PRS SE One (single bridge p’up) and it does everything he says.

    The original pickup was a little too polite for what I expected out of a P90. I was looking at my options and contacted Jesse through his website to ask for advice. He asked about my guitar, amp, whether I used pedals, and what I wanted to hear before he recommended this pickup, Then he checked in with me after I received it to make sure I was happy. And the price is extremely reasonable! What more could you want?

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