revel pickups custom shop

Revel Pickups began, more or less, as a purely custom shop. To this day I build every order from scratch, be that order totally custom or otherwise. Have a crazy idea for a custom guitar pickup? There’s no such thing as too crazy.

Revel Firebird Pickup

I can’t promise that I’ll able to make anything. But I can promise that I will consider nearly anything. And if I can’t figure it out I’ll refer you to someone who might. It’s some of the most fun work I get to do as pickups are, as far as I’m concerned, individual works of art and creation. 

How to order a Custom Revel Pickup

  1. Email me with a description of your idea. The more detailed you are the better. 
  2. After emailing if I decide I can do it we’ll talk on the phone to hammer out the details. 
  3. We’ll come to terms and, once those terms are agreed upon and met, I’ll build the thing! 
  4. Profit?

But there are caveats. There is, after-all, always a catch. 

  • Custom builds cannot be returned. 

That’s pretty much it. I try to be reasonable in my approach, my prices, and my sales pitch. Any additional caveats will no doubt come up in conversation and be totally gone over and through before work is begun. 

Revel Custom Guitar Pickup Shop