revel 'victor series' humbuckers

From the very beginning the goal of providing the finest pickups possible at working-class prices was a corner stone of Revel Custom Pickups. It was not and is not marketing or B.S. I still strive for this goal and Revel pickups remain wildly affordable in a marketplace gone crazy.

The Victor Series humbuckers are, like all Revel Custom Pickups, built one at a time by hand, by me, using the best materials possible. The Victor Series utilize the same baseplates, the same bobbins, the same frame screws, the same pole screws and slugs (each alloy being particular to the model), the same covers and the same magnets as the standard humbucker series. The only difference is the wire used to wind the coil. The standard (or Vintage Series) humbucker uses plain enamel insulated wire. The Victor Series uses poly insulated wire or SPN. 

There is endless debate about which wire is better or sounds better or the ways in which wire or wire insulation differs and so on ad infinitum. I’m having none of it. There is too much disinformation and misinformation about pickups.

Not only is poly NOT bad sounding, it is better sounding than anything else in certain applications. Some of the most renowned pickups, both vintage and modern, are wound with poly insulated wire. 

  • The Wide Range Humbucker? Poly.
  • “Shaw Era” P.A.F.s?
  • T-Tops? Poly.
  • SD ’59? Poly.
  • SD JB? Poly.
  • 490 Series Humbuckers? That’s right…

And that is, quite literally, just a small list of examples. Give our Victor Series a try. They are, of course, covered by our guarantee that insists you will love the Revel pickup I build for you.