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WRHB Mods & Rebuilds

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Transform your Re-issue WRHB.

Wide Range Humbucker Modification

One of my favorite pickups is the WRHB. The reissues are OK pickups but they are just run of the mill humbuckers. They can be so much more.

Our modifications transform your re-issue into a vintage sounding WRHB. Services similar to this have become very popular in the last several years but ours remain unique for several reasons. Here’s our process.

  • You send me your pickup. I dismantle it.
  • I wind my custom, vintage correct bobbins (which I build in-house), to vintage specs. Most importantly this involves winding the coils using the same turns per layer as the original pickups. The originals used poly insulated wire but Revel uses plain enamel to achieve what we consider to be the correct tone.
  • I use a combination of threaded Alnico magnets and custom cut Alnico V magnets. We now have the threaded Alnico rods manufactured to our specifications and they differ from typical Alnico rods only in having slightly lower “Hc,” or “coercive force of material.” These magnets are fully adjustable.
  • I insert a vintage correct ‘reflector plate’ (also built in-house) between the bobbin and the baseplate.

The result is a beautiful, harmonically rich, pickup that is very true to the ’71 vintage WRHB but at a fraction of the cost.

Read the reviews. They speak for themselves!

2 reviews for WRHB Mods & Rebuilds

  1. Patrick Green

    I bought a ’72 Reissue Tele Thinline with WRHBs and was not impressed at all with the pickups. They sounded dark and compressed, and just got worse when I added any drive or distortion. I sent them to Jesse at Revel and he overhauled them to vintage spec using my original covers. Wow what a difference!! The Revel-modded buckers are now much brighter and open, but still have a rich, warm midrange. When driven, they’ve got awesome sustain that absolutely blows away the original pickups! I highly recommend this mod if you have reissue WRHBs.

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  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Greg Balleza

    I’m a big fan of the original 70’s Fender vintage WRHB and as we all know the reissues are nothing like them internally, even after upgrading to 500k or 1meg pots. Over the last few years I’ve been trying the different vintage style WRHB offerings by various boutique pickup builders and manufacturers including, Lollar, Mojotone, Brandonwound and Catswhisker. I thought I was done searching but I stumbled upon Jesse’s Revel mod service on eBay late last year and figured I’d try his version too for a ’72 Tele Custom build I was working on (went with full vintage rating 10.7k output for the neck pickup). When I finally got the guitar built and pickup installed (used 500k pots) I was blown away! This was literally everything I was looking for in a WRHB–punchy but not excessive, clarity and smooth highs without the shrillness and balance across all strings. Jesse clearly did his homework here and it shows. Regardless of price, although you’re probably not going to find a cheaper vintage style WRHB, it holds its own and performs just as well if not better than the majority of the other offerings out there.

    I went ahead and ordered a few more for some upcoming projects including a matched set with the underwound 9.5k neck and regular 10.7k bridge for a ’72 Tele Thinline with an ash body and as expected these pickups took that guitar to the next level.

    During the process of sending the reissue pickups to Jesse, he was a total professional and gave me status updates and was able to answer my various questions throughout. If you’re thinking about doing this, just go ahead and do it. You won’t be disappointed!

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