Wide Range Humbucker

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The Revel Vintage ’72 Wide Range Humbucker:

Here is our homage to Seth Lover’s original design. Compared to a PAF and to a re-issue WRHB (which is a PAF) they are more clear, bright and defined. The independent magnetic poles lend an unmistakable single-coil feel and allow the player to height adjust each pole individually for the best possible string balance. They have jangle and power, are a great pickup for indie sounds, for players who need a great pedal platform of a pickup, or for a straight into the amp blues tone.

  • Vintage/Full Sized WRHB – Does NOT Fit P.A.F. Routes
  • Vintage Correct & Sized Bobbins
  • Vintage Reflector Plate
  • Vintage Correct 42 awg Poly Insulated Wire
  • Stock Bridge & Neck: 10.7k, Underwound Neck for Set: 9.5k
  • Under-wound Neck: 8.8k
  • The Revel Wee Range is our P.A.F. Sized WRHB
  • See Our WRHB Rebuild & Mod Services
    • 140 $
    • $

p.a.f vs wide range humbucker


Corporate marketing hype has made it mostly necessary to include sound clips and resistance specifications. Both have very limited meaning and are, in many ways, lies. The best player can make the lousiest guitar loaded with the cheapest pickups played through the lamest amp sound downright amazing. For that reason I feel that clips are misleading. Clips let you hear almost everything except the pickup and primarily the amp in a controlled environment that’s not readily reproducible. Please take these thoughts into consideration.


Guitar: Telecaster Thinline

Amp: Deluxe Reverb

18 reviews for Wide Range Humbucker

  1. Tom Frye (verified owner)

    I was building a guitar and wanted Jesse to be “the pickup guy”.

    So I bought a raw underwound ’72 Wide Range and a Black Watch from Revel. I also used Fender factory reliced parts to match the raw cover of the WR and a Gibson Bumble Bee capacitor (Sprague copy) just for vintage grins.

    DUDENESS !!! You have no idea what that sounds like in this particular guitar. Lord Have Mercy. That’s amazing! I picked the right “pickup guy”. Keep up the excellent work!!! Just wanted you to know that I am extremely pleased. To get this tone I would have had to buy 2 vintage guitars.

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  2. Jan Dobiášovský (verified owner)

    I am big fan of fender guitars, so replacing reissues for more vintage correct pickup was first (and maybe last) thing to do. The pickup is perfectly balanced in matter of clarity and warmth, it has the best from both worlds (singles and humbuckers). Although there was a delayed shipping (due to covid), it was worth waiting! Great pickup. I also have to thank to Jesse for his kind and personal support. Thank you !

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    Image #1 from Jan Dobiášovský
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  3. djangosurf (verified owner)

    In love with this Vintage ’72 WRHB in my custom Tele.
    Thanks a lot JESSE for your great work, which one had seduce the technical squad of one of the biggest guitar’s seller in France based in my town!++++

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  4. David Richards

    Review for Revel Custom Pickups Vintage ’72 Wide Range Homebucker in raw:

    I love the sound of this pick up. If you’re looking for something that will liven up your guitar, these are great. I have it paired with a Rio Grande Grease Gunner, and output match in total complexities complement each other very well. There is a significant amount of sparkle and high-end clarity, that I absolutely adore in these pick ups!

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  5. Gary Buchanan (verified owner)

    I replaced my stock neck WRHB pickup with the Revel WRHB in my Squire ’72 reissue Telecaster Custom when I replaced all the electronics. Amazing difference in sound quality. I’m very happy with this purchase.

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  6. Vann

    I built my Warmoth 72 Thinline with a pair of PAFs, but just recently swapped them out for a pair of Revel WRHBs. I opted for the underwound neck pickup. They sound fantastic, full and punchy while still being very clear and articulate. My playing tends towards the jazz side of the jazz blues spectrum, and these pickups do it well. I couldn’t be happier with them, and I look forward to my next set of Revels. And I agree with the review below, they look awesome with the hand engraved covers!

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    Image #2 from Vann
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  7. Paul Anderson

    We all know there’s several choices of WRHB’S on the market, I chose Revel, any regrets none. Would I try other pickups Jesse makes? without hesitation.

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  8. Curtis McKusick (verified owner)

    Paired the under-wound neck WRHB with a Black Watch bridge. Wow! I was replacing the disappointing Fender reissue pickups in a MIM ‘72 Custom.

    What an improvement! This pickup has so much clarity and string definition and yet a thick, driving tone that really pushes my amp I to serious overdrive.

    While I haven’t played an original WRHB or other versions, this pickup, and it’s incredible sound quality speaks for itself!

    Also, the hand engraved cover looks incredible!

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  9. Pierre-Yves Hebert (verified owner)

    2 photos to had to my 30 marsh 2019 review. also: J.R. advises help me for the installation.

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  10. Pierre-Yves – Quebec (verified owner)

    I put a set of Revel Vintage 72 WRHB’s in my MIM Tele Deluxe reissue. Very high tone upgrade: higher output , better definition , nearby single coil clarity, natural EQ and well balanced. I turned a hundreds dollar guitar into a thousands dollar one. Very happy!

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  11. Dave Noonan (verified owner)

    Jesse knows his way around a pickup!!! Placed the underwound neck WRHB on my Warmoth Tele Custom and now I have a very articulate neck humbucker where once there was mud. Great for jazz!!!

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  12. Luke Swanson (verified owner)

    So much clearer and fuller than the stock pickups in my Modern Player Starcaster!
    Top notch quality and craftsmanship, solid guy!
    A must upgrade!

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  13. Tim Carrow (verified owner)

    Added the vintage ’72 pickups to my thinline Tele and the rig sounds clear and fatter than ever!!!

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  14. Josh

    These pickups are loads better than the stock humbuckers. The build quality is fantastic. Much more clarity, fantastic sound. Gonna have to put them in everything now.

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  15. David

    I got some new Revel Vintage ’72 wide range pickups for my Telecaster Deluxe reissue and they sound absolutely great! Warm, clear and snappy, nowhere near the “originals” that came with the guitar. And great communication from Jesse. I am more than satisfied. Thanks you! All the best, David (Sweden).

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  16. bunnyman

    This is what needs to be in every Tele Custom, Thinline and Deluxe Re-issue. The stock WRHB sound meh; these sound AMAZING!!!!

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  17. Rin Shima

    Clear, bright, and thick. These pickups are everything that a classic WRHB should be, and save for a true vintage example, possibly the best take on this design on the market. Compared to the RI WRHB from Fender, these boast far more clarity and string definition, even on the rhythm circuit of my semi-hollow jazzmaster. However, despite them being a MASSIVE upgrade over the Fender branded pickups, these are definitely not your standard pickup, and are a good bit more bright and cutting, so they make a great lead pickup, but not so much a jazz pickup.

    Overall, these are a great addition to any WRHB equipped guitar, especially for those looking for that classic Fender sound out of a humbucking pickup.

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  18. John McGovern

    OK, I was hesitant to buy these from a pickup builder I had never heard of. I told Jesse I was. He told me not to sweat it because his guarantee is you’ll love the pickups or you can exchange them or get your money back. So I bought them.

    These are maybe the best kept secret in WRHB replacement pickups on the market. And I should know because I have tried them all.

    Revel’s Vintage ’72 pickups sound as true to the vintage WRHB as I have heard. They have the same kind of brightness and bite, the same kind of over-driven tone, the same clarity…that same single coil but something different tone.

    Thanks for taking the time to convince me. These are impressive pickups.

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