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Revel ‘Vintage ’72’ Wide Range Humbucker

    • 125 $
    • $
  • Vintage/Full Sized WRHB – Does NOT Fit P.A.F. Routes
  • Vintage Correct & Sized Bobbins
  • Vintage Reflector Plate
  • Vintage Correct 42 awg Poly Insulated Wire
  • The Revel Wee Range is our P.A.F. Sized WRHB

Eric M. demoing a custom set of Revel Tele pickups.

It’s important to understand a few things about the original WRHB. First is that it used Cunife magnets that are no longer available and will likely never again be manufactured. Second, the bobbins are larger than a typical humbucker. These two things are the ‘mojo’ of the WRHB and are reproduced in a variety of ways by a variety of makers. The Revel Vintage ’72 is different in that I try to stay very true to the originals. I build the bobbins by hand. I wind those bobbins with vintage correct 42 gauge poly insulated wire. And I use a combination of magnets that, by virtue of their combined tone and their very specific gauss levels (that I ensure by charging and measuring each magnet one at a time), produce a truly wonderful reproduction of the original WRHB’s tone.

Like the originals the stock “output” of the bridge and neck are the same. That is, each coil is wound with the same and specific number of turns of wire. But you can also get an under-wound neck that makes it easier to balance with the bridge pickup. It also offers some additional tonal variety from a set of Vintage ’72’s.

Additionally I offer a separate and specific under-wound neck pickup that is meant to be paired with lower output bridge pickups or when you need a ‘Vintage ’72’ humbucker but want a little more brightness, sweetness, and clarity.

Stock Bridge & Neck: 10.7k, Underwound Neck for Set: 9.5k

Under-wound Neck: 8.8k

3 reviews for Revel ‘Vintage ’72’ Wide Range Humbucker

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is what needs to be in every Tele Custom, Thinline and Deluxe Re-issue. The stock WRHB sound meh; these sound AMAZING!!!!

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  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rin Shima

    Clear, bright, and thick. These pickups are everything that a classic WRHB should be, and save for a true vintage example, possibly the best take on this design on the market. Compared to the RI WRHB from Fender, these boast far more clarity and string definition, even on the rhythm circuit of my semi-hollow jazzmaster. However, despite them being a MASSIVE upgrade over the Fender branded pickups, these are definitely not your standard pickup, and are a good bit more bright and cutting, so they make a great lead pickup, but not so much a jazz pickup.

    Overall, these are a great addition to any WRHB equipped guitar, especially for those looking for that classic Fender sound out of a humbucking pickup.

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  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    John McGovern

    OK, I was hesitant to buy these from a pickup builder I had never heard of. I told Jesse I was. He told me not to sweat it because his guarantee is you’ll love the pickups or you can exchange them or get your money back. So I bought them.

    These are maybe the best kept secret in WRHB replacement pickups on the market. And I should know because I have tried them all.

    Revel’s Vintage ’72 pickups sound as true to the vintage WRHB as I have heard. They have the same kind of brightness and bite, the same kind of over-driven tone, the same clarity…that same single coil but something different tone.

    Thanks for taking the time to convince me. These are impressive pickups.

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