Tele Mojo Steel Pole

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The Mojo is a unique and awesome combination of Tele style pickups and P90 pickups. They are, very literally (and usually surprisingly), truly P90’ish in character because they are built like a P90 with 2 magnets beneath the coil and on either side of the adjustable screws. How P90 they are vs how Tele they are is the difference between the Mojo 42 and Mojo 43.

  • The Mojo 43 is 75% P90 and 25% Tele. It’s the darker of the two with more output, mids and aggression. It is a high output pickup that, while capable of twang, has a compression that breaks up quicker. It also has the grind characteristic of a P-90.
  • The Mojo 42 is about 50% P90 and 50% Tele. It’s brighter, sweeter, and retains more of the vintage single coil sound compared to the Mojo 43. But like the Mojo 43 it sounds bigger and fuller than a typical and traditional Tele pickup. It is likewise thick and warm with accentuated mids.

Both pickups are truly exceptional additions to your instrument and have a wider than typical range of tonal possibilities in one style of Tele pickup. Sets are reverse wound/reverse polarity for noise cancelling in the middle position.

Mojo 42 Bridge: 7.7k, Neck: 6.7k
Mojo 43 Bridge: 10k, Neck 8k

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6 reviews for Tele Mojo Steel Pole

  1. Jon Atterberry (verified owner)

    I was looking for some p-90 like pickups and decided on purchasing the Mojo 43 and finalized my decision on the fantastic customer service. I emailed a question in on Christmas Eve and got a response that night! Along with that and the amazing sound samples I decided to give these a shot. The quick turnaround, amazing build quality, and fantastic sound are 100% worth more than 5 stars!

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  2. Vann Betzel (verified owner)

    Man do I love these pickups! I anticipated that the Tele-tone would be largely sacrificed for the P90 punch, but it was not the case at all. These are still very much Tele pickups, just with a little something… extra. I put an M42 bridge and two M42 necks in my Nashville and gave them a trick wiring with access to combinations in parallel-in-phase, series-in-phase, and series-out-of-phase. It’s a fun guitar. I recorded several audio samples, hear them for yourself at the link below! Jesse is an artist of the highest caliber behind the winder, buy with confidence!

    Did I mention that they look killer too?

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  3. Randy W

    Fat, punchy, articulate, full… the Mojo 42 delivers. Wanted a ‘fatter’ tele bridge sound, not shrill, but snappy enough to still be that really good tele sound. Placed the Mojo 42 in a parts build and you know, really, it’s that box of chocolate thing with guessing if the sum of parts is going to result in the sound you have in mind. But first strums and YEH! There it is. Super pleased with Jesse’s design on this one. Matched the Mojo 42 with Jesse’s Firebird neck pickup, which turned out to be a well balanced pairing output-wise as well as tonal spectrum coverage. Way fun guitar to play!

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  4. Bill Coleman

    Have had hundreds of pickups in pursuit of the “Holy Grail” in my 60 years of playing. The Mojo 43 is it. Everything I always wanted to hear is there. Warm, full, responsive, powerful but not too powerful and a wonderful transparency. The workmanship is immaculate. Cannot wait to put these on my other guitars.

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  5. Paul Edgar

    Range is the best word I can come up with to describe this Mojo 43.. The thing just sings when leads are played, with any amount of gain given to it. On the bottom end is where it really takes a delightful twist; it has all the tele charm that one would want out of a tele bridge. But with its touch sensitivity it almost goads you on to hit it harder, to dig in a little deeper. And when you do, it rewards you with a full, deep bottom that I didn’t know I wanted out of a Tele all along. I recommend this to anyone looking for a different flavor out of their tele, because you can get whatever you want out of it, depending on what you put into it. I love it.

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  6. Mark D.

    I love how this guitar sounds. Beauty when played with touch or dialed back and beastly when it needs to be. Wonderful balance and range with this pickup. Thanks for making this great pickup!

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