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Rewinds, Repairs and Potting

From the obscure to the vintage and prized, Revel Custom Pickups will go the extra mile to repair or rebuild and rewind your pickup. Repair is always the first priority (unless otherwise directed) so as to retain everything that makes your vintage pickup special. In the event that repair isn’t possible, a basic rewind will generally consist of removing the coil or coils, cleaning up the bobbin, and rewinding to original specifications with appropriate wire. This costs $50 per coil.

*In the more rare case of a pickup that is damaged or severely corroded, our rewind is actually a complete restoration, and will consist of disassembly, cleaning, reassembly and rewinding. This more thorough process is $75 per pickup.

In the case of difficult assemblies, new leads, covers, baseplates, potting, and/or additional services additional costs may be incurred. But I try to keep it very affordable and will tell you the cost upfront.

Yes, I can pot or re-pot your pickup! Re-potting is $25 for the first pickup and $5 each additional. I use parafin wax and can use a mixture of parafin and bees wax upon request.

7 reviews for Rewinds, Repairs and Potting

  1. Brett B

    My PRS 513 bridge pickup had an intermittent signal problem. PRS’s repair shop would only look at the entire guitar itself and I had a feeling it was going to be pretty expensive to ship it to them and have them look at it.

    The pickup is proprietary both in wiring and size so I couldn’t just replace it.

    I elected to have the pickup repaired but no pickup shop would touch it – except Revel.

    J was an absolute pleasure to work with. There was open and transparent communication throughout the entire process. He rewound the 513 pickup in his own style while keeping the exact functionality that PRS designed it with.

    Not only is my guitar functional and reliable again but the sound is absolutely incredible and breathed new life into my tone.

    Revel is definitely going to be my first choice for anything pickup related in the future.

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  2. Ned G

    I needed an old Fender Jaguar bridge pickup rewound. I asked around, and Jesse was the go-to-guy for this. We talked about winding it slightly hotter, but the importance of it blending well with the neck pickup. The pickup sounds fantastic. Great combination of definition, clarity and bite. Exceeded my expectations.

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  3. Hound dog

    Jesse did a fantastic job repairing my rickenbacker horseshoe pickup.fair prices fast service. I would certainly use his service again

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  4. Brian Stewart

    Jesse rewound an old Rickenbacker “Electro” lap steel pickup for a repair customer of mine. The rewound pickup sounded great and the customer was very happy.
    Jesse has great communication skills and is easy to work with. Turn around time was fast as well. Revel pickups is where I go for rewinds and other pickup repair work that I won’t do in my own shop.
    Brian Stewart, Tree Strings, LLC

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  5. Brad W. – The Guitar Shop, Rosemount MN

    Had a vintage pickup serviced. Quick turnaround and reasonable price! Will be sending all my work here.

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  6. Doug Rogers – A.K.A. bunnyman – Wood River, IL

    his was the first time I had ever had a pickup rewound. Jesse carefully guided me through the process and asked pertinent questions in order to make this pickup into what I wanted.

    I admit that I had no idea what to expect; after all, Jesse was rewinding the stock pickup from a $349 Squier Telecaster! I got a great surprise after installation. I could tell that this man loves what he does! It is evident in his work. I was chuffed when I turned the pot to 10 and cranked my Champ 600!

    If you have not had this genius rewind a pickup, do yourself a favour and send him one to rewind! You will thank yourself for doing it and thank me for the recommendation!

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  7. Mike Munson – Winona, MN

    My rewound vintage Gibson P-90 sounds fat and fantastic.

    Overall tone is sweet and just the right hotness. Hotter than the original and lesser than the Lollar I had in its place. Perfect. My ’65 Gibson ES-125 sounds just like it should.”

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