Revel Scoop DeVille

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Is it true there’s a winding technique that scoops the mids on Strat pickups? Yes. And that technique makes the Scoop Devilles extremely clean and glassy with creamy distortion. Exceptional and very articulate quack in the 2 & 4 position, the lows and highs accentuated, and the mids scooped.

The Scoop Devilles are hand-wound with 42AWG Plain Enamel Wire around vintage staggered Alnico V magnets. Flat/No stagger magnets upon request (and pending a conversation).

Neck 5.8k, Middle: 6.3k, Bridge: 7.3k

Built the old fashioned way.

  • Hand-beveled magnets
  • Hand-assembled bobbins
  • Lacquer dipped prior to winding
  • Vintage push-back wire leads

Corporate marketing hype has made it mostly necessary to include sound clips and resistance specifications. Both have very limited meaning and are, in many ways, lies. The best player can make the lousiest guitar loaded with the cheapest pickups played through the lamest amp sound downright amazing. For that reason I feel that clips are misleading. Clips let you hear almost everything except the pickup and primarily the amp in a controlled environment that’s not readily reproducible. Please take these thoughts into consideration.


Guitar: ’94 Peavey predator, Maple neck

Amp: Tweed Bassman 5F6A             

Mic: SM57                                                                   

Reverb: Fender Standalone Unit

2 reviews for Revel Scoop DeVille

  1. Paul Edgar

    I asked Jesse what makes a “scooped” Strat pickup. He gave me a complex, yet straightforward answer. He told me “it’s all in the wind”. He explained how the process in which a pickup is wound can affect how the coil ultimately sounds. After a proper lesson, I asked if he would make me a set. What he delivered was a complex, yet straightforward pickup set. They are the most balanced Strat pickups I’ve played- every position bleeds with resonance. It truly feels like you’re hearing your guitar with these pickups. For my application, the Scoop Devilles dig deepest on the edge of breakup. Plenty of depth with no harshness. Highly recommended for anyone who doesn’t believe that a strat pickup is just a strat pickup is just a…

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  2. Jamie Johnson

    I bought a set of Scoop Devilles years ago when Revel offered them as a custom wind. I told them I wanted John Mayer pickups/dippers but didn’t want to spend four bills on a loaded pickguard. I was worried I wouldn’t be getting the same thing without the F****r name on it but the Scoops I have from Revel are as good as they get. My band-mate has a set of Big Dippers in his signature strat and he likes the Revel pickups better. They’re super clear and dynamic but never harsh. Really beautiful.

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