Mojo Linear Humbucker Jazz Bass

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The Revel Mojo linear humbucking Jazz Bass pickups are built with handwound side by side coils but, unlike our more traditional JB pickups which are built with rod magnets, these are built like a P-90. They have adjustable screws and dual ceramic magnets below the coil. Compared to to our linear humbucking JB pickup they exhibit even tighter lows, are a bit brighter, and have a mid hump characteristic of a P-90. Likewise they have a distinct growl. They are thick, punchy, middy and add a growl when a growl is necessary.

Neck: 10.5k – Bridge: 11.5k

    • 150 $

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  1. David Aspesi (verified owner)

    Got a set of the Mojo Linear Humbuckers for my custom J-bass. They sound clear and strong, with plenty of output. The bass they were put in is for playing in a black metal/punk band, and these things really gave the instrument the needed juice to come through in the mix. I look forward to upgrading more pickups with Revels.

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