Jazzmaster Humbucker P.A.F.

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The Revel J-90 combines the very narrow coil of a vintage Jazzmaster pickup with the adjustable poles and dual magnets of a P-90.

Wound with plain enamel wire, the bridge uses a combination of rough cast Alnico V and Alnico II while the neck uses Alnico V.

It’s a very unique tone. They are focused and exhibit good string separation. They are jangly but with P90 grit and mids. They are bright and clear, overdrive easy, and have solid bottom end.

If you’re looking for a pickup that will help your Jazzmaster and your tone stand apart, look no further.

Bridge 9.5k, Neck 8.0k

Bridge Clean


Middle Clean


Neck Clean


Bridge Dirty


Middle Dirty


Neck Dirty




2 reviews for Jazzmaster Humbucker P.A.F.

  1. Jassar Alshehri

    I’m super happy with how these pickups turned out, and they’ve effectively made a guitar that was a joy to play into a guitar that’s also a joy to hear, so thanks again for taking the time to sort things out in the beginning.

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  2. Derek Sandbeck

    Jesse and I had a lot of conversations on Jazzmaster tone. What it came down to is, I loved the way my pickups cut through a mix but I just wanted more grit, more drive. I was considering putting humbuckers in, but I was anxious about losing what I DID like about the Jazzmaster sound. Jesse suggested this P-90 Hybrid, and he was right on. I still get the chime and bite that I want, but it has a nice dirt that gives it that little extra something. I couldn’t be happier!

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