Jaguar Steel Pole Mojo

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The Revel Jaguar Steel Pole Mojo is, like the Tele and Strat Mojo’s, a unique and versatile combination of vintage Jaguar and P-90 pickups. They are, very literally (and usually surprisingly), truly P90’ish in character because they are built like a P90 with 2 magnets beneath the coil and on either side of the adjustable screws. A single Mojo is an excellent choice for a bridge pickup to cure the problem of an icy bridge tone.

The Mojo is a “high output” Jag pickup (relative to a vintage wound Jag pickups) for added volume, thickness and with a mids accentuation. They have the bark and more aggressive attack of a P-90 and are, of course, handwound.

Bridge: 10k, Middle & Neck 8k

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  1. Jim Cole (verified owner)

    I just had these pick ups installed & they are just what I was hoping for. They purr like a kitten through my Death By Audio Fuzz War pedal 🙂 I can’t wait to experiment more with them. Quality is fantastic.

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