“The St. Peter’s Humbucker gives me exactly what I was looking for but couldn’t quite find. A modern performing pickup that has just the right amount of vintage appeal. Made a good guitar GREAT.”

Kris Johnson / K.J. Audio

The best set of Strat pickups I have EVER played.

Eric Mitchell

I love how this guitar sounds. Beauty when played with touch or dialed back and beastly when it needs to be. Wonderful balance and range with this pickup. Thanks for making this great pickup!

Mark D. / Minneapolis, MN

“…absolutely amazing!

I had a Revel “St. Pete’s” humbucker installed in my favorite guitar, and it sounds absolutely amazing! It has the perfect blend of bite and fatness. Love it!”

- Ryan Smith / Melismatics

“…all I can say is WOW!

I have played pickups from other “high end boutique” builders, as well as the big names in the business, and Revel shines in comparison.”

Zach Brummel / Mpls., MN

“My rewound vintage Gibson P-90 sounds fat and fantastic.

Overall tone is sweet and just the right hotness. Hotter than the original and lesser than the Lollar I had in its place. Perfect. My ’65 Gibson ES-125 sounds just like it should.”

Mike Munson / Winona, MN

“Holy balls! 

Hey Jesse. I just picked up a Tele today and converted it into an Esquire and dropped the Black Watch in it.   It’s absolutely killer!  It’s fat, it stings and has plenty of twang.  I am super exited to play it.  Thanks a ton, man.”

Tim Dupraz

“10/10. fantastic bloke and fantastic pups.

Not only do these pickups outshine the leading big brands in price, quality and tone, it is the personal service that really makes Revel stuff worth it.”

Xavier O. / Australia

My bass is amazing now.

Jesse’s PJ Bass pickups have everything I asked for. Punch and lots of it. A great balance of mids and highs. Perfect for my ears. I cant thank you enough!  .

Bedri / MN

Jesse was able to wind Broadcaster Tele style pickups with UOA5 and Degaussed A5 magnets. One of the best sounding Tele sets I’ve used with phenomenal response to the volume knob. Jesse was a pleasure to work with. I will definitely be ordering from him again.

Trey Haislip
When it comes to PAF humbuckers for my Equator models, Revel Custom Pickups has become my go-to. Jesse worked patiently with me to design a humbucker set for this particular guitar model, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Great guy. Great service. Great pickups.
Chad McCorack / Abbott House

Jesse will spend time talking to you and trying to gauge through words the sounds in your head. Very straightforward, no bull***t, and timely if you need him to be. Also very reasonable prices and will work with you until you get what you want. I recommend him to everyone that will listen.

Elliot Roche

Back in 2014, Jesse Revel of Revel Pickups built a custom set of humbuckers for me. They were for a 1977 Ibanez SG. He listened carefully to what I was looking for, offered some helpful advice, and ultimately built a set that were similar to Lollar High Winds. Manufacture and delivery were timely, and communication was great. I was very satisfied with the pickups, and working with Revel was a great experience overall.

Drew Forsberg
Great company with a gentleman who lives and plays music behind the wind. Seen him perform live with his custom gear and his sound is always killer. I’ve got a hot vintage set in my custom strat and they deliver musical, muscular tones in every position. Straight talk, no bullshit custom pickups. Hit him up.
Benjamin Havorka

One of the best set of humbuckers I have ever bought or played. Jesse spent A LOT of time answering my questions and designing my pickups. He’s very knowledgeable and patient. Great prices. Great pickups. And local! 612 represent.

Mike M.