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The Strat Steel Pole Mojo 42 pickups are a unique and versatile combination of vintage Strat and P-90 pickups. They are, very literally (and usually surprisingly), truly P90’ish in character. The Mojo 42 is a tamer, more ‘Stratty’, version of the Mojo 43 set. The Mojo 42 are 75% Strat and 25% P-90. They have the accentuated midrange, bark, warmth and thickness of a P-90 but retain more of the sweetness and clarity of a vintage Strat pickup.

The Mojo 42 pickups are made to cover a wider variety of tone-scapes. They can be sweet and chimey, they can quack in the 2 & 4, or they can be raunchy and grinding like a P-90. Set them low for a little of both or raise them up to warm them up and make them really growl. The screws are adjustable for the best of all worlds in string balance. A single Mojo is an excellent choice for a bridge pickup to cure the problem of an icy bridge tone. Likewise a single Mojo can be used in the middle position to give you several additional tonal options on a five-way switch. or use one in the neck if you need something rowdy for lead or rhythm.

Bridge: 7k, Middle & Neck 6.3k


Corporate marketing hype has made it mostly necessary to include sound clips and resistance specifications. Both have very limited meaning and are, in many ways, lies. The best player can make the lousiest guitar loaded with the cheapest pickups played through the lamest amp sound downright amazing. For that reason I feel that clips are misleading. Clips let you hear almost everything except the pickup and primarily the amp in a controlled environment that’s not readily reproducible. Please take these thoughts into consideration.


Guitar: American Strat – Alder body, Maple neck

Amp: Revel Custom ‘Lilman (1×12 super-light 5F6A)        

Fuzz Pedal: Jordan Bosstone

Overdrive (final clip): Blues Driver boosting amp gain       

Mic: SM57                                                                   

Reverb: Fender Standalone Unit

Processing: None


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