Wide Range Humbucker Partial Modification

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Lead Time: 6 to 8 weeks. Sorry, I am hustling to get caught up!


This partial modification is ideal for players who do not want a full modification and rebuild or those who have the newer Shawbucker Wide Range Humbuckers which have 50mm spaced baseplates and covers. Once I receive your pickup I remove the screw pole pieces and bar magnet. I replace the screws with a combination of threaded and Alnico magnets, re-install the cover, and pot the pickup. This modification is also completely reversible.

The result is a much more open, clear and dynamic sounding pickup. The frequency response is improved across the entire frequency range by virtue of the magnetic poles as opposed to a bar magnet. While it does not reproduce the tone of the vintage WRHB (which our full modification does), it drastically improved the tone of the pickup and turns it into something much more in the spirit of a vintage WRHB.

2 reviews for Wide Range Humbucker Partial Modification

  1. Rich Yarges

    Hey J – just got my Telecaster Custom ‘72 put back together and played it for the first time last night! Wowza! The Partial WRHB mod and the suggested Black Watch turned was a somewhat disappointing Guitar into a ROCK N’ ROLL MACHINE! Thanks! Rich!

    Image #1 from Rich Yarges
  2. Michael

    This is the best $120 I have spent on gear in my recent memory. I’m surprised the modification made this big of a difference but these pickups are now amazing. They really shine when driven. I can hear complexities I know were not there before I had these pickups rebuilt by Jesse the wizard.

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