Revel Vintage ’63

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The Revel Vintage ’63 Strat Pickups are a set of pre-CBS 60’s pickups. Like all Revel single coil pickups these are hand-wound and scatter-wound, one at a time, to order. Built using un-beveled Alnico V magnets the coils are wound using 42 AWG Heavy Formvar wire and the result is that distinct tone that is simultaneously quaky but full. The neck has noticeable body and has been described as “fat.” The middle pickup has an open and woody character to it and the bridge has a very satisfying punch while not being overly bright. This set, overall, is full, bright and mid heavy. 

Neck 6.3k, Middle: 6.4k, Bridge: 6.6k

Built the old fashioned way.

  • Hand-assembled bobbins
  • Lacquer dipped prior to winding
  • Handwound
  • Vintage push-back wire leads

Corporate marketing hype has made it mostly necessary to include sound clips and resistance specifications. Both have very limited meaning and are, in many ways, lies. The best player can make the lousiest guitar loaded with the cheapest pickups played through the lamest amp sound downright amazing. For that reason I feel that clips are misleading. Clips let you hear almost everything except the pickup and primarily the amp in a controlled environment that’s not readily reproducible. Please take these thoughts into consideration.


Guitar: ’94 Peavey predator, Maple neck

Amp: Tweed Bassman 5F6A             

Mic: SM57                                                                   

Reverb: Fender Standalone Unit


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