Revel M-90 Mini-humbucker Sized P-90

Lead Time: 4 Weeks.


The Revel M-90 Mini-humbucker sized P-90 has all the characteristics you expect from a great P-90. Singing, almost chimey, highs and tight, solid lows. The mids grunt and grind without overwhelming or becoming harsh. They are touch sensitive and have sweet harmonics. The middle position of this set is almost hollow while the neck has a wonderful and deep warmth bordering on woody. The bridge is bold, middy, bright and deep.

These are brighter, the low-mids are less pronounced, and they drive an amp less aggressively than a full size P-90. The reason why is because everything about them is smaller. The coil is smaller and the magnets are only as large as will fit a mini assembly.

These fit any Mini-humbucker or Firebird route, and are the best way to get a true P-90 into a Gibson and Epiphone heritage model, like the Les Paul Studio and Deluxe, the Nighthawk and Blueshawk, the SG Special, the Emperor Regent, and of course, the Firebird. These are also the perfect Tele neck pickup for those Tele’s with a Mini-humbucer sized pickup in the neck looking for something more versatile than commonly available.

Neck: 7.9k, Bridge: 8.7k


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