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It’s argued that the P-90 is the best pickup ever invented. It is certainly one of the best. The strongest argument to the contrary is that is can be loud. But how do you take a single coil pickup that sounds so good and transform it into a humbucker without stripping it of all the single coil sweetness that makes it amazing? It was a puzzle I could not solve for several years. The Revel Humdinger Noiseless P-90 is the result of several years of trying different combinations of coils of different wire types and sizes wound around countless custom bobbins utilizing a dozen different magnet sizes and grades. Being just in the ball park would never be good enough. The pickup had to be closer than anything that came before it or we just would not sell it.

With a wink and a nod to the styling of the P-13 pickup of old, the Revel Humdinger Noiseless P-90 preserves the finest qualities of its single coil ancestor. Enjoy the openness, airiness, articulation, honk and bottom end without the hum and without the sterility that often comes with noiseless versions of a popular pickup. Both the neck and the bridge handle gain staging extremely well and maintain note clarity even under heavy dirt. The middle position is a wonderful and airy combination of both pickups.

Room Mic

Amp: Soldano SLO-30

Speakers: G12M 65 Creambacks in a Victory 2×12 Vertical Half-Back

2 reviews for Humdinger Noiseless P-90

  1. Ben

    I don’t need to say much about these pickups, they’re amazing. All the tone, none of the hum. If you’re on the fence about getting a noiseless P90, these are magnificent. Jesse is also very friendly and accommodating. THESE are the pickups you want

    Image #1 from Ben
  2. Nightjar Guitars

    It’s difficult…nay impossible?…to construct a noiseless version of a pickup that stays true to the original character and flavor. Yet, here is Jesse doing just that. All we can say here at Nightjar Guitars is WOW…he’s done it! These Humdingers are truly all the P90 goodness you want but with NO hum. These pickups retain the P90 flavor and output levels you know and love. Added in is just a slight bit more air, clarity, and chime in the sound, which we think is a good thing, particularly when paired with heavy or dense wood bodied guitars. These pickups remain balanced along all six strings for great clarity in the cleans. And they respond very well when you throw on that distortion or fuzz that goes great with P90s…even with all that dirt you’ll still hear every single note, low to high, all with that badass P90 grit and growl. We can’t wait to use these in our future P90 builds. Get some for yourself and hear these in all their (no hum) glory.

    Image #1 from Nightjar Guitars

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