Jazzmaster Red Letter P90

LEAD TIME IS 4 TO 8 WEEKS. We're hustling!


The Revel Jazzmaster Red Letter P90 is our unique hybrid of the 50’s Gibson Alnico pole P90 (the P90S) and the Staple P90. The Red Letter gives the best of both worlds with fully adjustable threaded magnetic pole pieces, the same found in our Vintage ’72 Wide Range pickups, the Revel Wee Range humbuckers, and the Red Letter Tele pickups.

The Red Letter 90 has snap, clarity, sparkle but also a bit more girth and bite than the typical Alnico P90. And, best of all, the poles are fully adjustable for ideal string balance and other pickup position balance.

Neck: 8.5k/Bridge 12.5k


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