Jazzmaster Humbucker P.A.F.

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The Revel Jazzmaster Humbucker is a true, full sized, P.A.F. for your Jazzmaster guitar.

Choose from any Revel humbucker. Or contact us for custom humbuckers, from polite to distinctly rowdy!

The Revel Midnight Rider Humbuckers is a low wind humbucker with offset coils that is bright and dynamic and a good choice for darker guitars and more ambient styles.

The O.G. PAF is a 50’s styled humbucker with a vintage tone. This is the perfect pickup for anyone looking to cover the widest range of humbucker inspired music or to more particularly get that 50’s Les Paul sound from your Jazzmaster.

The Post Modern PAF is the hottest of the Revel vintage humbuckers. It is thick, warm, and more quickly drives an amp. This is a good choice if you need some push from your bridge pickup as the hotter qualities of the Post Modern compliment the scale length of the Jazzmaster.

Like any Revel pickup you can also have entirely custom humbuckers built to best meet your needs. Call or email us to get started on your custom Revel Jazzmaster humbuckers.

10 reviews for Jazzmaster Humbucker P.A.F.

  1. Nick Lagace – NY

    Revel Custom Pickups did a fantastic job on making my Jazzmaster humbucker. They made it to the exact specs of what I would ever want. It is by far the tightest, clearest sounding humbucker I have ever had the chance of playing.
    10/10 would recommend to anyone!

  2. Thomas G.Perry

    What a killer tone!! Great craftsmanship, best price on a total custom pickuup. Thank you Jesse

  3. Jack

    Man this thing does the trick. Breathed new life into my Jazzy- it’s everything I want in a pickup. Jesse was very helpful and definitely reccomend.

  4. James Healey

    Crisp, super clear sounding humbucker for a Jazzmaster. Nice full sound with very articulate notes. Highly recommended.

    Image #1 from James Healey
  5. Tony Reed

    I’ve been looking for a PAF in a jazzmaster enclosure for a while now and Jesse helped guide me in the perfect direction. I’ve never cared much for single coil Bridge pickups as they always have been too noisey and thin sounding for my taste. After emailing back and forth we decide to go with a slightly under wound OG PAF to go in my baritone jazzmaster build. This pickup is beyond clear and articulate with low tunings, and it handles heavier fuzz/gain excellently . I cannot recommend these pickups enough as the build quality is top tier!

    Image #1 from Tony Reed
  6. Frank Garay

    I never cared for the traditional single coil pup in the bridge position of my Jazzmaster. I tried to swap it with a Wide Range, which was a little better, but still lacked that PAF tone I was looking for. I found Revel, spoke with Jesse about what I was looking for and took his recommendation purchasing a Post Modern PAF fully wound. The results are fantastic. Very articulate, but it has the kind of compressed thickness you look for in a PAF. Highly recommended on my part.

    Image #1 from Frank Garay
    Image #2 from Frank Garay
  7. Christopher M. B. Louck

    I emailed in to Revel Pickups because I was looking for humbuckers for my Jazzmaster and I didn’t want to route the body. I asked about the possibility of making some humbuckers similar to 57’s. I was given the choice of upping the bridge pickup output a bit because of sound balance, which I went for. They arrived today and sound fantastic! Very clear and beautiful pickups. The bridge is bright but still has nice bottom end and the neck has more bass without being muddy. They installed just like normal Jazzmaster pickups. I would love to put another set in a Jazzmaster. Amazing work!

    Image #1 from Christopher M. B. Louck
  8. Josh

    Wow this is the clarity and punch I’ve been looking for. Ordered the Jazzmaster pafs online and got an email shortly after from Jesse asking what I was looking for. Told him clarity and punch. And got it in spades with these pickups. (Post modern paf). Fairly easy install, popped right in. My J Mascis Squire was so dark and muddy before, and now it has this sparkling clarity with more punch. I’ve swapped a lot of pickups (pretty much every guitar I’ve owned) and none have impressed me this much out of the box.

    Image #1 from Josh
    Image #2 from Josh
  9. Shane Ellis

    All I can say is wow! My “Jazzmaster” is now complete!! I’m not sure you could find a better Jazzmaster pickup. I love it.

    Image #1 from Shane Ellis
  10. william agoncillo

    Just Watch the video and as you can see I loved it. SO MUCH

    Image #1 from william agoncillo

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