Revel Signature Series Humbuckers

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Revel Signature Series humbuckers are made for the player on a budget who needs the best.

I began building pickups in the hope of making boutique pickups for the working class player. I still strive to live up to this idea. For the sake of having something for everyone and of every budget, I give you the Revel Signature Series.

These humbuckers are the best of everything I do at an awesome price.

The Signature Series feature asymmetrical coils wound with poly 42 plain enamel wire. With Alnico II magnets in the bridge and the neck they have a great, smooth, vintage tone with rounded highs. The coil offset, winding pattern and Alnico II magnets give these humbuckers a large range of tones in every position, stretching from jazzy chords & out of phase combinations to biting leads. The Sig Series are open faced/open coil humbuckers available in double black, zebra, white, or any combination of those colors.

I offer the Signiture Series in 2 varieties.

The first is the vintage output/Alnico II combination.

The second is a higher

  • Choose Alnico IV for a likewise brighter tone than Alnico II but with a balanced frequency response that can help reveal the tone of the guitar. Alnico IV also expresses a more vintage tone and dynamic range.

These come stock at 8.3k bridge and 7.5k neck.

Neck played clean through a Deluxe Reverb


Middle played clean (& out of phase for your Peter Green fans) through a Deluxe Reverb


Bridge played clean through a Deluxe Reverb


Middle (NOT out of phase), clean & dirty through a Tweed Bassman


Neck, middle & bridge played dirty through a Deluxe Reverb using a Blues Driver



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