Gold Foil Surface Mount

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There’s just nothing like a gold foil. To say anything else is to sell it short. These are created in the spirit of the finest vintage gold foils. 44 awg wire wound around rubberized ferrite magnets and enclosed in the finest metal work available. These can play clean or easily drive an amp, have fantastic dynamic range, are bright but very full, and have great string clarity.

  • 7.1k Bridge
  • 6.1k Neck
  • 9k Overwound Option

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2 reviews for Gold Foil Surface Mount

  1. Ryan

    I’m a huge gold foil fan, so when I came across a local shop I was really interested in giving them a go. The sound and construction both exceeded my expectation. I could use a bunch of tone buzzwords, but they just sound great. And quiet. I’m super happy I have zero desire to try the more well known and expensive builders. The only con I can think of is not having more guitars to try out more Revel Pickups.

    Image #1 from Ryan
  2. Doug Jeffries

    I finally got my Revel Gold Foil installed in the neck of my Tele. I still refuse to believe there’s magic involved in making pickups but however you make these….just wow man. I have a vintage Dearmond in a guitar and a big name foil in another and the Revel stomps on the big name and is everything the vintage foil is but more quiet. It has breathed new life into this guitar and now I need another to replace the other. Thank you Jesse! Money well spend.

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