Precision Bass Steel Pole Mojo

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The Revel P-Bass Steel Pole Mojo is a mean combination of the classic P-Bass pickup and a P-90. Compared to our other P-Bass pickups these are bigger, fatter, punchier and louder. Great P-Bass pickups for any style and stupendous pickups when played with distortion.

  • Two complete P-90’s wired in series.
  • 42 awg plain enamel coil wire
  • 13k DC
  • Custom Ceramic Magnets
    • 120 $
    • $

1 review for Precision Bass Steel Pole Mojo

  1. Drew Ailes

    Love these pickups – had them installed in an Eko Cobra II bass that needed something extra. Also the second set of Revel pickups I’ve gotten, definitely my go-to pickups from now on. Thank you!

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