Jazz Bass Steel Pole Mojo

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LEAD TIME IS 4 TO 8 WEEKS. We're hustling!


The Revel Steel Pole Mojo for Jazz Bass pickups answers the question of “How do I get more punch and mids out of my Jazz Bass?” But besides being punchy the Mojo’s offer versatilty built upon tone and string definition, accentuated but smooth mids, punchy highs and a bit of growl that can be dialed up or down depending upon the demands of one’s playing style.

Hand-wound, RW/RP, vintage push-back wire, fully adjustable pole pieces and ceramic bar magnets in a P-90 configuration gives you something different fo your 4 and 5 string Jazz Bass.

Neck: 8.5k, Bridge: 9.5k

2 reviews for Jazz Bass Steel Pole Mojo


    Good day Jesse. Thank you for the PJ set you built for. Just amazing. The bass opened up quite a bit and now it has punch and its warm too mid and highs are balanced. Thank you so much!

  2. Jimmy D.

    Spoke to Jesse about wanting something for my Jazzy that could get more punchy for punk and rock but also be backed off enough for occasional jazz. He suggested the Mojo. Fuck. Yes. Thanks bro. These give me sounds I have never heard from my Jazz Bass.

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