Jazz Bass Linear Humbucker

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The Revel Jazz Bass linear humbucker pickups are built with side by side coils which retains all of the vintage character of a single coil Jazz Bass pickup while eliminating the hum. Compared to a traditional single coil JB pickup they exhibit tighter lows and superior mids definition. They are thick, punchy, creamy and sweet with a great low-mid kick.

The Revel Jazz Bass Linear Humbucker is available in 4-string and 5-string versions and include black covers.

4 String: Neck: 10.5k – Bridge: 11.5k

5 String: Neck & Bridge: 12k

Guitar: 2007 Fender Jaguar Bass

Strings: D’addario Medium Gauge Nickel Roundwounds.

Recorded direct into Logic Pro X through a Universal Audio Apollo Twin run on a Macbook 15 running CatalinaOS.

No compression/effect/etc on any tracks. All sounds come directly from the bass. The “Jazz” clips have the tone rolled off to zero to emulate such a style.


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