Pickups Installation

During the Covid-19 Crisis Installations I Am Not Doing Installations. Apologies!


I am happy to offer pickup installation. Installation costs $60 for the first pickup and $10 for each additional pickup. 

I also have the parts necessary for replacement or upgrade, such at pots, caps, switches, etc. If I do not have them in stock I am able to order them at below retail. 

Please note the following:

  • I do not have a retail space. My shop is in my private residence. Drop off and pickup is at this residence in S. Minneapolis. I don’t offer shop tours.
  • Installs are done on a pickup completion basis. I quote turnaround for new pickups at 14 days so as to allow enough time to account for the incalculables of modern life. Installation takes place at the end of that time frame and may take two to three days. 
  • I no longer do setups (except for myself). I am happy to recommend several people who do setups like guitar wizards.