The story is, for better or worse, a tale of obsession.

Artists and builders and tinkerers of all sorts know and share this story.





My name is Jesse and I’m the proprietor of Revel Custom Pickups located in South Minneapolis, MN. I’m a small, one-man shop, specializing in hand-built and custom electric guitar pickups.




I started Revel Custom Pickups in the fall of 2010 after many years of building guitars and pickups for myself and friends as a hobby. That hobby began as an exasperation with myself for not understanding the electric guitar better than I thought I should. To understand it better I first began modifying the guitars I owned and then began building guitars from scratch. And that meant building pickups and amplifiers from scratch, too.





Sometime around 2008 I built a set of humbuckers for a close friend of mine and he refused to not pay for them. We worked out a deal (as musician friends do) and he told me that I was stupid not to sell them. So I started selling them. Those became the O.G. P.A.F.



My plan was to make boutique, hand-made, handwound, custom pickups available to other broke ass musicians like myself.  As a working musician I understand how difficult it can be to have the best. I still maintain this ideal as much as I am able. And I still try to steer people away from buying cheap Asian pickups. That, however, is often an exercise in futility.

I’m thrilled to make pickups for people which they love and that they use to make music. Especially as I make music less and less to focus on Revel Custom Pickups. 

I look forward to making pickups that you will love.