Email me at or CALL ME at 612-210-7736 or fill out the Contact Form before sending money or ordering pickups!

Believe it or not I want to talk to you about what you want. My focus is on custom pickups and a brief conversation will make a big difference in your pickups. I want to know about the tone you’re after, the kind of guitar the pickups will be going into, your amp, etc. I’m much less interested in technical specs or resistance/”output numbers” like “7.5k.” 

Even my standard line of pickups are rarely created without some custom aspect so contact me and we’ll discuss exactly what you want.

Please keep in mind, Revel Pickups is just me, Jesse. I’m a one man shop burning the midnight oil almost every day of the week. Email is best! I strive to be incredibly prompt in returning emails and messages.




I primarily use Paypal but also accept most major credit cards. I will also accept checks (must clear before work begins) and money orders. And, of course, cash. Sorry, I no longer do spec orders.

I cannot refund your money once you’ve ordered and paid. Please make sure your committment to buying is sound and that you’re not using your rent money for your purchase. I know this sounds condescending but, oh, the stories I could tell. 


Payment varies by order which allows me to keep shipping costs way down. They average $8, insured, but can cost more depending on weight (some humbuckers get hefty) and insured cost.

Yes I DO offer international shipping. Just ask!