Revel Custom Pickup Shop

How I Make A Revel Custom Pickups

With love! But seriously folks…

I use the finest components and painstakingly assemble them into a pickup intended to last. 

This isn’t an option for my pickups. All of them are made this way. 

I wind each coil by hand using different gauges and insulation builds of the highest quality copper wire. And all of these coils, with one exception, are scatteround. Scatterwinding can really only be done by hand and I consider it an integral part of what makes my pickups what they are.

The only coils I do not handwind are my Retro PAFs. These coils are, as they were, wound on a machine. I built this machine myself to mimic the one’s used by Gibson way back when. 

The building of a pickup in this way requires an extreme level of attention and considerable time. But it’s worth it!