Revel Custom Pickups is a one man shop located in the Phillips neighborhood of South Minneapolis, MN. I’m a small, one man business, specializing in hand-wound electric guitar pickups. 

I started Revel Custom Pickups in the fall of 2010 after many years of building guitars and pickups for myself and friends as a hobby. I built a set of humbuckers for a close friend of mind and he refused not to pay for them. He sat me down and explained that I was being foolish by not making them available for sale to the local community and he convinced me to make a business out of it.

I was just building pickups to satisfy my own obsession with tone and to attempt to discover how to capture specific sounds in a pickup. Boutique pickups had always been out of my price range and I couldn’t bring myself to buy Asian pickups because I understood there must be suffering attached to the production of both the materials and the pickups themselves. I didn’t want that anywhere near my own music. So my business plan became making boutique and custom pickups available to others like me. What I mean to say is, other broke ass musicians. As a working musician I understood how difficult it can be to have the best. I still maintain this ideal as much as I am able.

I don’t know where Revel will go or how big it will get. I continue to grow the business but I remain the only employee. Someday it may become a full production facility. But for now I’m thrilled to make pickups for people that they love and that they use to make music.