Mixing and Matching Single Coil Pickups

All pickups are not made the same way. There is no standard Tele bridge pickup. Many pickup winds use different wind directions and magnetic polarities on their pickups. So when you are buying a single Revel pickup – for instance a single Strat neck pickup or a single Tele bridge pickup – and combining it with non-Revel pickups, there may be phase issues between the new Revel pickup you just had made for you and whatever other pickup or pickups you are using it with. It is NOT a problem with Revel pickups or really a problem at all. It is another peculiarity of pickups. It’s also the reason why it’s best to buy a complete set of pickups as opposed to mixing and matching pickups from different winders.

If you are ordering a single pickup and want to avoid any phase issues I need to know the wind direction and polarity of the other pickups in your guitar. Then your Revel pickup can be wound and magnetized to “play nice” with your other pickups!