NEW! Revel ‘Vintage ’72’ Wide Range Humbuckers

I’ve been obsessed with the Wide Range humbucker for years. It is one of my favorites and players like Tab Benoit are why it is.

For many years previous to this I have been playing modified WRHB’s in almost all of my gigging guitars. I’d take the reissues and dismantle them, then rewind the coils with as many winds of wire as I could, put Alnico rods in place of the screws, and they sounded magical. This was the first modification of these pickups I offered for sale.

Without going into too much detail about the sourcing of parts for pickups, I think it’s important to say that most people and most companies, of necessity, get their stuff manufactured in China. It’s just the cheapest way to do it. To get a plastic bobbin made you need injection molding and just the mock up for such a thing can run several thousands of dollars in the U.S. But in China it’s much less. I’ve looked into myself and what costs 5k in the U.S. costs 1k in China. There are reasons for this and I think you know what they are.

I try very, very hard to avoid sourcing parts and materials from China and like Asian countries. This kept me from offering a Wide Range Humbucker for a long time. But I have finally sourced all the metal parts from a U.S. manufacturer. And, while it’s very labor intensive and quite the bite out of the bottom line, I’m now building vintage correct bobbins from scratch in the shop.  Here’s one now!

Now, all this many years later, I am thrilled beyond words to offer these, my favorite pickups, for sale.

I’m a bit behind in the game. It seems like every winder I’ve never heard of are selling these at rock bottom prices. But I can promise you that, like all my pickups, these are built with more care and attention than most and, like all my pickups, they are backed up by the best guarantee in the business.

Order yours now!